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Do I need a second Pardot account?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 | Print this Article

If you'd like to use Pardot with multiple companies, divisions, or brands, you might consider getting a second Pardot account. We've compiled the most important points to consider when deciding whether a second account is right for you. Contact the Pardot Advocate Team to discuss the benefits of using multiple Pardot accounts.

I have multiple websites

One Pardot account can easily handle multiple websites. If you are using a distinct campaign tracking code with each site you can filter reports by individual campaign.

I have multiple brands or companies

You may have multiple brands, companies, or websites that you would like to incorporate into your existing Pardot account. If you are considering a second Pardot account, there are a few items to consider:

  • Database size: Pardot Advocates can put you in touch with our Accounts team to discuss how this might affect you.
  • Prospects: You can have separate lists in Pardot to designate different prospects, but all prospects will be visible to all users, and you cannot set permissions based on brand/division/company. For example, Division A users will be able to view Division B prospects and vice versa. Also, all prospect activities will show activities from all divisions/companies.
  • You can only have one primary tracker domain per account. Any landing pages or assets you create in a Pardot account will have an URL that starts with the primary tracker domain.
  • You can only sync with one CRM instance per Pardot account.

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