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Pardot Icon Glossary

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This article defines each icon used in Pardot. 


Assign to Assign
Copy Copy
Delete Delete
assign to group Edit Groups
Edit Edit/Settings
Hide Hide
Jump to Jump to
launch email client Launch Email Client
Mark as reviewed Mark as Reviewed
Mark as priority Mark as Priority
Merge Merge
Notify Notify
Pause Pause
Resume Resume
Reverify Reverify
launch email client Show Message
Split Split
Unverify Unverify


Automation Rule Icon Automation Rule
 Campaign Icon Campaign
 Content File Icon Content File
 Custom Redirect Icon Custom Redirect
 Drip Program Icon Drip Program
 Email Template Email Template
 Email Email
 favorite folder icon Favorite Folder
 Folder Folder
 Forms Icon Form
 Landing Page Landing Page
List Icon List
 Parent Folder Parent Folder


Add to List Add to List
Create List Create List
CRM Username Verified CRM Username Verified
CSV Export CSV Export
folder Folder
Group Group
Label Label
CRM Single Sign-On Enabled CRM Single Sign-On Enabled
Tag Entire Table Tag Entire Table
User User


Never active prospect Never Active Prospect
Active prospect Active Prospect
Recently Active Prospect Recently Active Prospect (Within 20 minutes)
hard bounce Prospect Removed from All Email Communication
CRM Syncing Disabled
Prospect Synced with Salesforce

Prospect Activities

Prospect Activities
For descriptions of each activity click here
Ad click Ad Click
AddThis Share AddThis Share
Archive date Archive Date
Custom Redirect Clicked Custom Redirect Tracked Link Click
hard bounce Email Bounce
Email Open Email Open
Email Sent: Drip Program Email Sent: Drip Program
Email Sent Email Sent: Individual, Plug-In, or List
email tracker click Email Tracked Link Click
EventBrite Event Registration
File Accessed File View
Form View Form
form error Form Error
Form Success Form Handler Success
Form Success Form Success
email tracker click Form Tracker (Link Click from Thank You Content)
Google Google AdWords Click Google Ad Click Google Natural Search
Form View Landing Page
Form Success Landing Page Success
email tracker click Landing Page Tracked Link Click
email tracker click Opportunity Associated
opportunity dissociated Opportunity Dissociated
New Opportunity New Opportunity
closed lost Opportunity Lost
Opportunity Won Opportunity Won
Opportunity Reopened Opportunity Reopened
Page View Page View
site search Site Search
Facebook Link Click Twitter Link Click Social Message Link Click
email tracker click Tracked Link Click
Clock Visit
GoToWebinar ReadyTalk WebEx Webinar (Invited/Registered/Attended)


Referrers / Vendors
Ask Ask
AddThis AddThis
Baidu Baidu
Bing Bing
Craigslist Craigslist
EventBrite EventBrite
Facebook Facebook
FeedBurner FeedBurner
FullContact FullContact
GoodData GoodData
Google Google
Google+ Google+
GoToWebinar GoToWebinar
Indeed Indeed
Jigsaw Jigsaw
LinkedIn LinkedIn
MarketWatch MarketWatch
Marketwire Marketwire
Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM
Monster Monster
NetSuite NetSuite
Olark Olark
PRweb PRweb
Quora Quora
ReadyTalk ReadyTalk
Reddit Reddit Salesforce
Scribd Scribd
StumbleUpon StumbleUpon
SugarCRM SugarCRM
TechCrunch TechCrunch
Twilio Twilio
Twitter Twitter
WebEx WebEx
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Yahoo! Yahoo!

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