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Creating Custom Email Preference Center Pages

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
You can create custom email preference center pages to allow your subscribers to manage which email lists they are subscribed to.

To create a custom email preference center page:
  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails > Preference Pages > + Add Email Preference Page.
  2. Enter a Name for the page. This is internal-only.
  3. Enter a Title for the page. This will appear for prospects in place of the %%title%% tag in the page's layout template.
  4. Select a Campaign for the page
  5. Select a Layout template for the page. Note: Don't add the %%unsubscribe%% tag to the layout template. Pardot will add one to the page for you. 
  6. Optional: customize the vanity URL for the page.
  7. In the Associated Lists section, select public lists you'd like to make available on this page. These are the lists prospects will be able to opt in or out of when visiting the page.
  8. Click + Form Content to add content that will appear before and after the form. See the image below for a key to how each section will appear on the page.
  9. Click + Thank You Content to add content that will display after the form is submitted. If necessary, edit the Opted-in Message or the Opted-Out Message.
  10. Click Create Page.
EPC key
Image Key: 
1. Before Form Content
2. Email Label
3. Public Lists added to the email preference page
4. Unsubscribe Link Text
5. Submit Button
6. After Form Content

Once you've created your custom pages, you can use them in emails. You’ll need to make sure to update the %%email_preference_center%% tags in your email templates. See Adding Custom Email Preference Center Pages to Emails for complete instructions.

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