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Creating Custom Fields

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
When Pardot's default fields don't capture the prospect data you need, you can create your own custom fields. These custom fields can be created for their corresponding objects and can be synced with your connected CRM. Custom fields can be used in Pardot forms. Global configuration options are set in Administration. Form-specific settings are configured within each form

This article covers how to create custom fields and adjust global settings.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields.
  2. Click + Add Custom Field.
  3. Enter Name. This is internal-only and not visible to prospects.
  4. Leave the Custom Field ID as automatically generated. This is not visible to prospects. Once saved, this field is not editable. 
  5. Configure your field settings. For a full list and details, see Prospect Field Settings Reference.
  6. When finished, click Create custom field to save.
Note: Custom fields cannot be bulk-added. Simply mapping a new Pardot custom field to a CRM field does not trigger a sync with CRM. Pardot will not obtain the values until the prospects sync. See this article for more information on how custom fields and CRM syncing works.

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