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Deleting Users

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At some point, you may need to delete a user from your Pardot account. There are a couple things to keep in mind during the process of deleting a user. When you delete a user, the user is archived in the Recycle Bin and they can no longer access the Pardot account. However, the prospects assigned to that user are not deleted and remain assigned to that user. If you want to reassign prospects to a different user, you should do so before deleting the user.

Any elements (for example, files, landing pages, and templates) that the user created will not be affected when the user is deleted. However, the created by value will appear blank if the user has been deleted. We recommend that you check your automation rules and completion actions on forms/files/custom redirects. If any of your rules assign prospects to that user, correct or delete the rule. If any completion actions are set up to notify the user, you may wish to remove or modify these actions as well.

Note: If you want to use the deleted user's email address for another user (even in a different Pardot account), change the user's email address to something else before deleting them. User email addresses must be unique, and cannot be changed while the user is in the Recycle Bin.

If you need to delete a user, please consider following these steps, as a best practice:

Step 1: Reassign Prospects

Do you want the prospects in Pardot to remain assigned to the deleted user after the user is deleted? If so, skip to Step 2: Modify User Actions and Notifications. If not, follow the steps below.

If your Pardot account is connected to a CRM:
You will need to reassign all of the user's prospects in the CRM. Your CRM is the master of the Assigned User field so the prospects can't be reassigned in Pardot. You can reassign in the CRM before or after you delete the Pardot user.
Once the prospects are reassigned in the CRM, the new assignments will sync down to Pardot, and the prospects' assigned user will be updated. If you are reassigning the prospects to a brand new user, make sure the new user has their CRM username verified.

If your Pardot account is not connected to a CRM:
You'll need to reassign your user's prospects in Pardot:

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users.
  2. Find the user you wish to delete in the User table and click their name.
  3. On their user profile, click the link at the top to Assign prospects to a different user.
  4. Select a user from the dropdown who you want the leads assigned to and click "Assign all prospects." Depending on the number of prospects to be reassigned, they may be reassigned immediately or you will be notified via email when the reassignments are complete.
  5. Once your reassignments are complete, move on to Step 2: Modify User Actions and Notifications.

Step 2: Modify User Actions and Notifications

  1. In Pardot, navigate to Admin > User Management > Users > find the user in the user table > click the user's name.
  2. On the user profile page, scroll to the Usage table. This table shows you which marketing elements have completion actions that assign a prospect to or notify this user. For example, a form's action to assign prospects to this user, or a custom redirect's action to notify this user will be in this table. If there is not a Usage table for the user, they are not referenced in any marketing element's completion actions.
  3. Review the Usage table and decide which completion actions need to be modified.
    • Completion actions on forms, files, custom redirects, etc, will be automatically removed from marketing elements when you delete this user. Decide if any completion actions need to be changed to another user.
  4. Review the Marketing section for automation rules, drip programs and dynamic lists that reference the user you want to delete. These items don't appear in the usage table. Important Notes:
    •  When you delete your user, criteria and actions for items in the Marketing section will not be updated automatically. They will retain their criteria and action, and User Deleted will replace the user's name. For example: "Assign prospect to user: Toby Costa" becomes "Assign prospect to user: User Deleted"
    • Automation rules with Assign to User or Notify User actions will still match prospects however the rule's actions to assign the prospect to the deleted user or notify the deleted user will not execute.​
  5. Reassign any Product and Service Notifications that reference the user you want to delete. If these notifications aren't reassigned, you won't be able to delete the user, and will receive an error message: This user cannot be deleted as they are selected as the point of contact for one or more notification categories.
  6. Once you have adjusted your completion actions, rules, drips and lists accordingly, proceed to Step 3: Delete the User.

Step 3: Delete the User

To delete the user, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users.
  2. Find the user in the User table and click their name.
  3. On their user profile, click Delete.
  4. When prompted with Are you sure?, click Yes.
  5. If there are remaining completion actions that reference this user, you will be prompted with The following completion actions reference this user: and These completion actions will be removed if you continue.
  6. Click Continue to delete the actions and the user.

Deleting the user archives them in your Recycle Bin and makes the user profile inactive. Once deleted, the user cannot log in to your Pardot account, and they will no longer receive any notifications or other system emails from Pardot. 

Undeleting a user

  1. In Pardot, navigate to Admin > Recycle Bin > Users.
  2. Click the gear icon next to a specific user and select Undelete.
  3. Then navigate to Admin > User Management > Users and verify that the undeleted user is once again listed as a user.

Undeleting a user does not restore their completion actions to marketing elements.

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