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Editing Default Fields Global Options

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Pardot comes with some standard default fields, and you can adjust these fields globally from Administration. Form-specific settings are configured within each form. Global configuration options are set in Admin. Form-specific settings are configured within each form. For example: you’d edit a custom field’s global configuration options if you wanted to change field type from radio button to text area, to be used on every form. You’d edit the field on a form if you want to change any settings only for that specific form.
Note: The comment field is set to allow multiple responses 

This article covers how to adjust global settings on default fields.

To edit default fields:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields.
  2. Scroll down to the Default Fields table (below the Custom Fields table).
  3. Locate the target field and click the gear icon under Actions and select Edit.
  4. Edit any of the Field Settings.
  5. When finished, click Save default field.

  • The Comments field records and displays multiple responses by default. 
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