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Why did a test email to myself result in a hard bounce?

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2016 | Print this Article
When you send a test list email using company email addresses as the sender and recipient, it could result in a hard bounce or non-delivery error. These types of errors can cause panic about an email deliverability problem that doesn't exist for real-life prospects.

Why are my emails to myself hard bouncing?

These issues tend to stem from spam filters that misidentify test emails as spam (e.g. Postini, MX Logic, and so on). Emails sent by Pardot are sent from a third-party server, and spam filters normally deliver the emails without issue. A test email may be misidentified as spam if the following conditions are present:
  • Recipient email address is
  • Sender email address is
  • Spam filter classifies messages sent and received by addresses as internal network emails
  • Spam filter encounters a message sent to and received by addresses but originates from a third-party server outside of the internal email network (like Pardot)

How do I fix this?

To avoid this issue, have your IT team add your company's assigned Pardot IP address to their spam filter whitelist. See Finding Your Pardot Sending IP for help on finding your IP. 

Which sending IP am I using when I send from...

Using add-ons or integrations with Pardot might alter which sending IP is used. This table explains which IP is used in different scenarios.
Scenario  Which IP? 
Pardot's email add-ons (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail) Your company sending IP
Send with Pardot in Salesforce Your Pardot sending IP
Sending emails from the Pardot app Your Pardot sending IP
Additional Notes:
  • Test messages sent as proofs via Email Flow present another factor to consider when troubleshooting email delivery. These messages are not sent as multipart MIME messages that contain both an HTML and plain text version of the email content. Messages without HTML or plain text counterparts may also trigger spam filters to reject them.

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