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Why is my email sending disabled?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 | Print this Article
There are several reasons your Pardot account's email sending may be disabled. This article discusses the most common reasons email sending is disabled, and how to fix them.

You're using a training account

List, one-to-one, drips, and automation-based emails are blocked in training accounts. See this article for more on training accounts.

We've detected an email reputation issue

If an email reputation issue is detected, we'll create a support ticket and email your two most active account admins. To resolve this issue, your account admin needs to respond to the support ticket. For other questions, reach out to Pardot Support.

You're using BCC Email Compliance, and your BCC address is invalid

If you're using BCC Email Compliance, and your BCC email address becomes invalid, all email sending will be suspended. Follow the steps here to reactivate email sending.  

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