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Sending Emails from More Than One Domain

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 | Print this Article

Can I use Pardot to send emails from a domain like or

No. With the way Gmail, Yahoo, and other email providers have set up their email security, only emails sent out on their infrastructure will be authenticated properly. You would end up getting a lot of bounces because you would look like an illegitimate sender.

Can I send emails from multiple domains and from:addresses that I own?

You can use as many different sending domains or from: addresses as you would like. For example, if you have multiple brands represented by one Pardot account, you may use a different from: address or domain for each brand's newsletter. It is important that if you do this, you first set up email authentication (SPF, DomainKeys/DKIM, and SenderID) for each of the domains you intend to use. Note that links will still be tracked and rewritten using the primary tracker domain you designated, regardless of what your sending domain is.

Can I send emails from a client's domain?

Do not attempt to send emails from a domain you do not own (for example, on behalf of a client). There are a few reasons you shouldn't do this:
  • You probably won't be able to set up the proper email authentication for the domain. Your email might end up with a very high bounce rate, because, to the receiving servers, it will look like Pardot is spoofing the emails. This can get your IP blacklisted.
  • Pardot will not be able to help you set up email authentication for a domain that you do not own.
  • You can't guarantee that their email lists comply with our permission-based marketing policy. If we receive spam and abuse complaints from that domain, you will need to provide proof that the emails are opted-in. If we receive multiple complaints, your service could be suspended.
  • Sending emails on behalf of a domain you don't own puts your IP reputation at risk.

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