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Sunsetting Unengaged Prospects

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016 | Print this Article

Do you have a sunset policy for unengaged prospects in place? If not, you should -- your deliverability may improve if you practice good list management and stop emailing your unengaged prospects. This article will walk you through setting up a sunset process.

Before you begin

Before you start sunsetting unengaged prospects, you'll need to define what an unengaged prospect looks like to your organization. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have you sent 20 daily emails with no prospect activity?
  • Have you sent 6 weekly emails with no prospect activity?
  • Have you sent 6 monthly emails with no prospect activity?

Once you've defined what an unengaged prospect looks like, you can move on to the next step: creating a list of them.

Create a Dynamic List

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists.
  2. Click + Add List.
  3. Enter a Name. We recommend naming it something like "Unengaged Prospect Suppression List"
  4. Select a Folder.
  5. Optional: enter Tags.
  6. Important: mark Dynamic List.
  7. In the Dynamic List Rules section, select Match all as the Match Type.
  8. Add two rules: Prospect has been emailed and Prospect time.
    • In Prospect has been emailed, enter details for the number of emails sent during a specific time frame. In this example, the rule looks for prospects who have been emailed at least 6 times in the past 6 weeks.Prospect Emailed at least
    • In Prospect time, select last activity days ago from the first dropdown, select is greater than from the second dropdown, and then enter a number of days. In this example, the rule looks for prospects whose last activity was more than 45 days ago.Prospect time
  9. When finished, click Save List.
In the example below, prospects who have been emailed at least 6 times in 6 weeks and have not been active within the last 45 days will be added to the Dynamic List.

Unengaged Suppression List

Using the Suppression List

Once you've created your list of unengaged prospects, use it as a suppression list for your email sends. This will keep Pardot from emailing unengaged prospects. If a prospect becomes active again, they will be removed from the suppression list automatically.

Suppression List

If you want to remove unengaged prospects from your mailable database, you can periodically scan the list of unengaged prospects and delete them. Don't worry, the prospect will be undeleted if they fill out a Pardot form, click a custom redirect, or download a non-image file hosted in Pardot.

Other Rule Options

This rule will match any prospects who have not opened an email in the specified time frame:
Prospect Email Opens | has not opened any email | in the last X | day(s) or week(s)

rule setup

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