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Setting up a Confirmed Opt-in Process

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 | Print this Article

Confirmed opt-in (COI), also known as a double opt-in,  is a way to verify that an opt-in request came from the owner of the email address. It  also verifies that the address was not forged, mistyped, or otherwise fraudulently subscribed. The easiest way to set up COI with Pardot is by leveraging lists, custom redirects, landing pages, and autoresponders to accomplish an automated opt in system.

Your confirmed COI process will work like this:
When a prospect completes a form (like a newsletter signup form), completion actions will fire, and they will be added to an Unconfirmed Opt-in list, and will get an autoresponder email. When they click the confirmation link in the autoresponder email, they'll be added to the Confirmed Opt-in list and removed from the Unconfirmed Opt-in list, and will be directed to a confirmation landing page.

This article walks through the steps for creating the assets you need to set up your COI.

  1. Build your subscription confirmation landing page and copy the Link from the landing page Contents table. The landing page is where you confirm that a prospect has been successfully subscribed. We suggest that you include content that thanks the prospect for subscribing.
  2. Create two new lists. Name one Confirmed Opt-in and the other Unconfirmed Opt-in. Note: Do not make these Public Lists. If you do, they will appear on your email preference center pages.
  3. Create a custom redirect that points to the link for your confirmation landing page from step 1.
  4. Assign completion actions to your custom redirect to add the prospect to the Confirmed Opt-in list and remove the prospect from the Unconfirmed Opt-in list.
  5. Create an email template for a subscription confirmation autoresponder email using your custom redirect tracked URL as a confirmation link or button.
  6. Add completion actions to a form: Send Autoresponder Email (using the template from step 5) and Add to List (Unconfirmed Opt-in from step 2).
    form completion actions
And that's it! Congrats, you've just automated your confirmed opt-in process!

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