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Why should I use Pardot to manage my forms?

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 | Print this Article
Several features included with Pardot make form management a breeze:
  • Progressive Profiling: Progressive Profiling allows you to display new form fields (conditional fields) to prospects which will only appear if the prospect has completed your basic form. This allows you to slowly build a prospect's profile over time, rather than risk intimidating new prospects with lengthy forms. As a prospect returns to your site, you ask for a few additional pieces of data in order to gain access to a new area or item of value (white paper, video, etc). For more information see: How do I set up progressive profiling using conditional fields?
  • Email Validator: check for invalid email addresses as they are entered into the form, giving your prospects another chance to enter a valid address. Since the validation occurs instantly as opposed to after clicking the submit button, an error message is less likely to cause drop off and helps maximize your conversion rate.
  • Drag and Drop: the forms builder in Pardot is easy to use, just drag and drop the desired form fields and arrange them as you see fit.
  • Customizable form fields: if the form field you need is not already in Pardot, you can create it in a matter of seconds and add it to any of your forms.
  • Easy to update the form: Once your form has been created, you can easily make updates to the form and without bothering your IT team.
  • Audits: When an existing prospect attempts to submit a form that is either incomplete or contains an invalid format (email or number field), and error occurs. We will log the field which triggered the error and why it was an error. 

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