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Progressive Profiling Overview

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Progressive Profiling allows marketers to progressively gather more information over time and build a profile of the prospect. In this article, we'll give you an overview of how it works. Check out this article if you'd like to get started using Progressive Profiling. By default, Pardot forms display only the prospect fields that a prospect hasn't completed yet. The Email field is always displayed on forms. For example, if your form has First Name, Last Name, and Email fields, but the prospect has already completed a form with Email, First Name, and Last Name fields, only Email is displayed going forward. Pardot gives you the ability to conditionally display a form field based on previous field completion on other forms. This allows you to show fewer fields on each form to help drive a higher conversion rate. Progressive Profiling with conditional fields give you the ability to capture additional information over subsequent visits. For example:
  • All of your forms show First Name, Last Name, Company, and Email.
  • Once a prospect completes these fields, the next form they see will show a Job Title field.
  • When Job Title is completed then the next form will show a Number of Employees field.
  • If Number of Employees was completed then the next form will show an Industry dropdown field.
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