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Hyperlink Options Reference

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Each of Pardot's WYSIWYG editors offers robust options for your hyperlinks. Hyperlink options allow you to tailor your link's look and behavior. See the tables below for a description of each setting.

Accessing Hyperlink Options

You can access these settings by clicking the link icon in Pardot's editors.

Link Info


Target Description
<not set>  Default setting. Opens link in the same window or tab as the document.
<frame>  Opens link in the frame specified in Target Frame Name.
<popup window> Opens link in the popup window specified in Popup Window Name.
New Window (_blank)  Opens link in a new window.
Topmost Window (_top) Opens link in a window that is in the topmost frame.
Same Window (_self) Opens link in the same window as original document.
Parent Window (_parent)  Opens link in the window that the document window is nested inside.

Advanced Options

Attribute Description
Id Link element's identifier (id attribute)
Stylesheet Classes Link element's class (class attribute)
Name Link element's name (name attribute).
Access Key Link element's keyboard shortcut (accesskey attribute).
Tab Index Link element's tab order (tabindex attribute)
Advisory Title Link's tooltip (hovertext)(title attribute)
Advisory Content Type Link's content type (type attribute)
Relationship Link target's relationship with the current document (rel attribute)
Style Link's CSS style definitions (style attribute).

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