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Form Handlers versus Pardot Forms Overview

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 | Print this Article
What are the differences and benefits to using a Pardot form compared to using a Pardot form handler that works with your own or third party form? Check out the comparison below:
Feature Pardot Form Form Handler
Prevents Data Duplication in Pardot √ √
E-Mail Address Validation √ √
Progressive Profiling √  
Invisible Bot Protection √  
Integrate with Third Party System √ √
Maintain Current Lead Flow   √
Integrate with CRM Web to Lead Forms √ √
Support Custom Front End Editing   √
Provide Form View/Error Data √  
Provide Field Level Change Auditing √ √
Can be Displayed in Pardot Landing Page √  
Automation Rules Based on Form Views √  
Automation Rules Based on Form Completions √ √
Send Pardot Email Autoresponder √ √
Redirect to Success URL √ √
Display Thank You Content After Form Submission √  
For more on the benefits of using a Pardot form, see Why should I use Pardot to manage my forms?.  For more information on forms in general, see Forms Overview.

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