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Landing Pages Overview

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A landing page is a specific web page that a visitor typically reaches after clicking a link or advertisement. This page generally displays content that is specific to the advertisement, search keyword, or link clicked. Simply driving visitors directly to your home page can be an ineffective method of converting prospects, because they aren't presented with tailored content. A landing page presents a streamlined path designed to elicit a specific action by the visitor.

If you're brand-new to landing pages, or just want to brush up on your skills, check out our Landing Pages training materials.

Before you Begin

Before jumping into the Landing Page Builder, it's a good idea to know which method you'd like to use to create your new Pardot landing page. Review the two options below to choose the best method for creating your new landing page.

I'd like to use pre-existing HTML and/or have access to the HTML code of my Pardot landing page

This is the best method for users who would like to to create a template to replicate the look and feel of their website or would like to recreate an existing landing page (from your website or previous vendor) in Pardot. For either of those scenarios, you will create both a layout template and accompanying landing page.  See those instructions in the Creating a Landing Page Using a Layout Template article.

I'd like to create a landing page from scratch using one of the Pardot stock templates

This is the best method if you are more comfortable using our drag-and-drop Landing Page Builder to create a landing page from scratch, rather than creating and/or bringing in your own HTML. When using a stock template, you can skip the layout template step all together and go straight to our Landing Page Builder. See those instructions in the Creating a Landing Page Using a Stock Template article.

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