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What is the difference between Pardot and Non-Pardot Landing Pages

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 | Print this Article
What are the differences and benefits to using a landing page hosted and created in Pardot compared to using your own or a third party landing page? Check out the comparison below: Pardot Landing Page v. Non-Pardot Landing Page:
Landing Page: Pardot Non-Pardot
Create From Custom HTML √ √
Create With Drag-and-Drop Builder √  
Create Layout Template From Live Webpage √  
One-Click Copy To Create New Landing Page √  
Utilize Third Party Tool   √
Maintain Current Workflow   √
Can Contain a Pardot Form √ √
Prospect Tracking √ √
Displays As Unique Activity in Prospect Record √ √*
Pardot Landing Page Reporting √  
Pardot Form Reporting (if using Pardot form) √ √
Multivariate Testing √  
Automation Rules Based on Landing Pages √  
Automation Rules Based on Forms (if using Pardot form) √ √
Maintain Current Site Navigation   √
Custom URL √ √
Vanity Domain URL √  
Easy Redirect to Success URL √  
*Must be designated as Priority Page if a non-Pardot landing page. Pardot landing pages will show up as a unique activity automatically.

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