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Adding prospects to Pardot drip programs from my CRM

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 | Print this Article

Option 1: CRM Visible Lists

Pardot has the option to display Pardot lists in your CRM where users can manually add and remove the the CRM leads/contacts from the lists. We call this the prospect list management view for CRMs and steps for adding this view to your CRM up can be found here. This is typically the best and simplest way to add and remove prospects from a drip program or other marketing initiative.

Option 2: Custom Fields

The CRM Visible List feature may not always be the best option. Some scenarios where this may not be as effective:
  1. The prospect has just been added to the CRM and has not yet synced with Pardot, either through Send to Pardot button or the automatic trigger (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM). There will be a slight lag with the Pardot lists populating and the sales rep may not want wait or return to the record to add them to lists.
  2. Sales users are more comfortable working in the CRM than in an iframe or they are already used to selecting from a drop down to update prospect records.
  3. You want to use a CRM field because it is tied to particular workflow or trigger in your CRM.
Here is another option for adding prospects to a list, which can feed into a drip program, via the CRM:
  1. Create a custom dropdown field in your CRM that has pre-defined options for the names of your various drip program nurturing tracks. Example: Create a field named "Nurture Track" with the values of '30 Day Nurture Track', '60 Day Nurture Track', '6 Month Nurture Track'
  2. Create a custom field in Pardot with the same name and select the type of "Dropdown".
  3. Designate the CRM Field ID for the custom field you created in Step1 so these fields will sync with each other.
  4. Enter the pre-defined nurture track name values exactly as you have entered them in your CRM custom field.
  5. Select the 'Add to List' (Scroll Icon) next to each pre-defined value to designate which nurture list the prospect needs to be added to if this option is selected.
Note: Choosing another list from the CRM does NOT remove the prospect from any Pardot lists. Selecting another list from the CRM will just add the prospect to the new list.                      Add to List

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