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Training Your Sales Team

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 | Print this Article
Whether you are just getting started and introducing Pardot to your sales team for the very first time, you have many new sales users, or your sales team needs a refresher, we want to make sure you feel comfortable training your sales users.

With our help, you can introduce your sales team to Pardot and train them on how Pardot integrates with their daily processes. This article includes helpful content and information about leading your own sales training.


PowerPoint Slides Feel free to download the PowerPoint specific for your CRM. You can edit the PowerPoint slides to reflect your CRM set-up (or remove items you don't wish to share with your sales team).

Salesforce® Engage Training

Check out our training resources for Salesforce® Engage.

What if I want Pardot to lead my sales training?

The most effective sales trainings are those tailored to your specific organization. For this reason, we want to empower you to lead your own sales trainings as you know your team needs better than anyone.

Do you have any other tips?

Yes -- check out our Sales and Marketing Automation Roundup blog post for more great links and a free tip sheet.


You can reach out to our Advocate Team for account-specific questions.

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