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List Compliance FAQ

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Have you been wondering what Pardot's permission-based marketing policy means for you and your lists? Spoiler alert: it all comes down to obtaining explicit permission to email your prospects. Here, we've compiled our answers to some common list source questions.

I purchased a list from 3rd party who assures me it's an opted-in list. Can I email this list with Pardot?

NO. Using a purchased list not only goes directly against our permission-based marketing policy, but emails you send to the list are unsolicited bulk email. This is the definition of spam, and using a purchased list makes you a spammer, which can hurt your company's reputation.

I'm a member of X industry and I got this list from the membership directory of a group I'm in. Can I email this list with Pardot?

NO. Third-party lists are not allowed, no matter where they came from. Before using this list in Pardot, you would need to solicit permission from each prospect through 1:1 emails (outside of Pardot) or a phone campaign.

Someone followed us on Linkedin or other social media. Does that mean they opted in?

NO. Just because someone followed your business on social media does not mean they consented to getting your emails. If the prospect didn't explicitly give you their email address with permission to send them marketing emails, then they didn't opt in.

CAN-SPAM only requires an unsubscribe link, so can I send email to any list through Pardot?

NO. Our permission-based marketing policy states that explicit permission is required before sending marketing emails to prospects. This policy is part of our service agreement and you must abide by it to use Pardot. Simply including an unsubscribe link in your email does not comply with our policy -- you must obtain permission before using Pardot to send emails to prospects.

I had a booth at a tradeshow, and the organizers gave me a list of attendees. Can I email them with Pardot?

MAYBE. Tradeshow lists are a bit tricky when it comes to permission-based marketing. Although attendees may be aware that they're opting in to marketing communications, you still need to get explicit permission from them. You can send one initial email to them through Pardot: your email should indicate where you got their information and ask them to opt in to receive future marketing communications. Prospects who aren't opted-in cannot be emailed through Pardot again.

I collected these prospects over a year ago, and I'm ready to start emailing them. Can I use Pardot?

MAYBE. With a stale list (especially over a year old), we recommend running a Permission Pass to clean up your list and make sure prospects are still interested in receiving your emails. These prospects might not remember you, so it's wise to re-solicit permission from them to keep your spam complaints low.

When prospects buy my product, I ask them if they'd like to subscribe to marketing emails. Is it okay to email them with Pardot?

YES! Using Pardot to email customers who are opted-in is totally fine. As long as you have explicit permission from the prospect, you're in the clear.

I had a booth at a tradeshow and prospects filled out an email opt-in form at my booth. Can I use this list with Pardot?

YES! Using Pardot to email prospects who have opted in is totally fine. As long as you have explicit permission from the prospect, you're in the clear.

I had prospects verbally opt in. Can I use this list with Pardot?

Yes, but. Once you get a verbal opt in, you should email the prospect to follow up, thanking them for opting in. This way, the prospect will know why they're getting your emails and be less likely to report your emails as spam.

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