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Placing and Testing Advanced Dynamic Content in Emails

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2017 | Print this Article

This article will walk you through placing and testing advanced dynamic content in Pardot emails. If you'd like to place advanced dynamic content in Pardot forms, landing pages, or layout templates, see this article.

Advanced Dynamic content is included in Pro and Ultimate editions, and is available as an add-on for Standard editions. If you’d like to upgrade, contact our advocate team or your implementation coordinator.

Placing Advanced Dynamic Content in an Email

  1. In the Building tab of Email Flow, click on the lightning bolt icon.
  2. Select the dynamic content from your account that you'd like to pull into your email and click Insert.
  3. Once the content is saved, the dynamic content in the email preview will be replaced by the variable tag.
  4. When the email reaches the prospects' inbox the dynamic content variable tag will be replaced by the actual dynamic content that matches the criteria for that prospect.
  • You should use plain text (not HTML) advanced dynamic content when sending a text-only email (or in the text version of a multi-part email).
  • JavaScript and iframes are not supported in dynamic content placed in emails, so make sure the content selected does not contain these items.
This video walks you through the process. Click here to expand the video.

Placing Advanced Dynamic Content in Email Subjects

You can use Advanced Dynamic Content and Variable Tags in email subject lines. From the Sending tab in email flow, click Advanced Subject Composer above the Subject Line box.

Testing Advanced Dynamic Content an Email

The best way to test dynamic content in emails is to send the email to a test list.
  1. Before creating the test list, you will need to set up different prospect records that meet the criteria for your each of your advanced dynamic content variations.
    • The different prospect records should include email addresses that you can access (your email address or your colleagues').
    • See our Testing Emails article for more information on setting yourself as a prospect.
  2. Create the test list. See our Lists article for more information.
  3. Send the email including the advanced dynamic content to the test list.
  4. Review the email in the different prospects' inboxes to confirm that the different prospects receive the correct dynamic content.

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