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Individual Prospect Lifecycle Report Overview

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Pardot’s Prospect Lifecycle report records insight into a prospect’s score at each stage of their lifecycle. Use this report to gauge the prospect’s journey through the lead nurturing cycle and deliver targeted reporting for each stage. A Pardot user can see the full history of the activity for a prospect. This report shows how a particular prospect moved through the sales lifecycle and which prospect-initiated activities changed their activity score.


The Prospect Lifecycle report is stored on the individual prospect record. To access the report:

  1. Navigate to Prospects > Prospect List.
  2. Select a prospect from the Prospect table.
  3. Click Lifecycle.
Lifecycle Stage History  

Sort the prospect’s changes in lifecycle by Total Score and Score by Activity.  Filtering the report by Total Score reflects the total score resulting from all prospect initiated activities. Filtering the report by Score by Activity will display the prospect’s score broken out into Email and Web activity.

Total Score: Score by Activity:    score by activity

Hover over a point on the graph to launch a pop-up that will display more information tied to that date with all the activities, point changes for each corresponding action, a total score change and then the final score on that date.

Drag the bottom points on the graph to zoom in on certain parts of the report. Orange dashed lines will appear in the report to signify the moments when the lifecycle stages are met.

Score by Activity

Prospect Lifecycle Stage Definitions

Prospects Number of newly created prospects in Pardot during the selected time frame. Prospects can be created through imports, CRM sync, manually or organically through a Pardot form/form handler/landing page submission.
Assigned Prospects (Marketing Qualified Leads) Prospect that became assigned. Assignment means that the Marketing team has qualified this lead for their Sales team. Assignments can occur in Pardot manually, via the API, via a CRM sync, or during a Pardot import.
Opportunities (Sales Qualified Leads) Prospect has been associated with opportunities created during the selected time frame (in the Date Range selector for the report). Associating a prospect with an opportunity means that the Sales team has qualified this lead as a potential customer. Opportunities can be created in Pardot manually, via the API, via a CRM sync (Salesforce or SugarCRM), or imported into Pardot via a CSV file.
Opportunities Won Number of opportunities associated with the prospect that were closed during the selected time frame.
Opportunities Lost Number of opportunities associated with the prospect that were lost during the selected time frame.


Please note that score changes initiated by Pardot users, such as automation rules, baseline score changes or completion actions targeting score, are not reflected in this report.

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