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Why does my prospect have 0 page views?

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 | Print this Article
There are few reasons why a prospect or visitor may be labeled as having no page views:
  • The prospect or visitor may have JavaScript disabled: Pardot can't track visitors or prospects with JavaScript disabled. Pardot cannot use images to track unique visitors, and while images can count page views, they can not connect a page view to the associated visitor.
  • A visitor may be a search bot: If this is the case, the word "search" will usually appear in the referring URL.
  • If the EU privacy function is enabled: If the EU privacy function is enabled and the prospect has not opted-in to be tracked, their page views will not be recorded.
  • Pardot hosted forms, landing pages, and email preference center: Visits and page views track prospects viewing your hosted pages (with Pardot tracking code embedded). Pardot forms, landing pages, and email preference centers are tracked independently and will show up as separate activities; as a result, if prospects have viewed only these assets, they'll appear to have 0 page views on their visits.
  • Email links, social posts, custom redirects: If the link is to a page that's not a Pardot landing page, a Pardot form, or doesn't have Pardot tracking code on it, a visitor will be created with activities, but won't have any visits or page views.
  • Tracking code isn't on the page visited or on the site: First, check to see if your tracking code is in place on your website, and specifically, the page you are hoping to track. You should also be seeing visits by going to Prospects > Visitors. See this article for more on tracking code.
  • Visitor Association Change: You can check the prospect audit record to see if there has been a visitor association change.
  • Domain or IP filters: If you set up any filters for that prospect's domain name or IP address, the visitor may not show any page visits.
  • Form or form handler in Kiosk Mode: If you have a form or Form Handler in kiosk mode, the prospect won't be cookied, and page visit information won't be updated in Pardot.
  • Form handler not passing information: If the form handler isn't properly forwarding information to Pardot, Pardot can't cookie the prospect.
  • Disabled cookies: If the prospect has disabled cookies Pardot cannot track their activity.

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