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Why do my traffic statistics in Pardot differ from my web analytics application?

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2015 | Print this Article
When comparing the statistics under reports for landing pages with that of other analytic tools, like Google Analytics, you might notice that Pardot's unique views are a bit higher. One reason there might be a difference in reporting on landing pages between Pardot and third party analytic tools is the approach to how a page view is counted. For a Pardot landing page, a view is counted when the page (not external JavaScript) loads.

For third party analytics, JavaScript code has to load and then run in order for the page view to be counted. The difference may come from the people who might have left the page before the javascript has time to load and run. Also, note that Pardot landing pages are not counted using JavaScript. Pages on your site that use Pardot tracking code, however, are.

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