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UserVoice Connector Overview

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Pardot syncs bidirectionally with UserVoice, a suggestion tracking and support ticketing system. You can seamlessly capture UserVoice activity and then leverage those activities: giving product feedback, and/or contacting support as a signal for scoring leads in Pardot.
The UserVoice connector can:

  • Pull suggestions and support tickets from UserVoice as activities in the prospect record and be able to run scoring rules off them.
  • Report on UserVoice suggestions and support tickets.
  • Automatically pull in prospects who exist in UserVoice but not yet in Pardot.

Setting Up the UserVoice Connector in Pardot

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Add Connector.
  3. Select UserVoice from the Other Connectors section.
  4. Enter the UserVoice Subdomain.
  5. Optional: You can disable Pull Suggestions and Suggestion Comments.
    • When Pardot syncs with UserVoice, it will pull any suggestions or suggestion comments associated with a Prospect Record in Pardot and populate that on the prospect record.
  6. Optional: You can enable Pull Tickets. This option is not selected by default.
    • When Pardot syncs with UserVoice it will pull any tickets (open, closed or spam). If you do not have the option to Create prospects in Pardot if they don't exist, we will still capture the email address of the reporting user.
  7. Optional: You can disable Create prospects in Pardot if they don't exist.
    • When Pardot receives a suggestion or support ticket from UserVoice, if the checkbox is checked and the prospects do not exist in Pardot, they will be created as a prospect (this is retroactive for all time).
  8. Select a Campaign to assign to any prospects that are created via syncing with UserVoice.
    • We suggest something generic like "UserVoice Sync".
    • This is similar to prospects that are auto-created by being pulled down from your CRM (if applicable) or email plug-in.
  9. Click Create connector to save your settings.
  10. Your UserVoice connector will now appear in the table. The status is marked as Not Verified. To ensure that you have properly set up the connector, click Verify now.
    • The UserVoice account must be an owner account in order to have the permissions to modify the service hook and allow the connector to verify. If you are missing those permissions, Pardot will pop up an in-app message.
    • The verification process happens via OAuth. You will be taken to UserVoice and will need to give your user credentials. You must allow Pardot access. Once you enable Pardot to have access to your UserVoice account, the status will change to check mark denoting a successful integration.
UserVoice Connector Settings Pardot

Prospect Activity

Tickets and suggestions will both be displayed on the prospect record as activities. Uservoice Activities on Prospect Record Scores for these activities can be set under Administration > Automation Settings > Scoring Rules.


To access reporting for UserVoice, navigate to Reports > UserVoice
  • The reports will display data for both suggestions and tickets.
  • Suggestions allow you to filter by forum and shows values for: Posted By, Comments, Votes, and Posted At.
  • You can filter Support tickets by type: open, closed or spam.
  • You can then see a list of prospects to export, segment into a list, or tag.
uservoice reporting


  • Do not delete the service hook in UserVoice — it will have a Pardot logo identifying it. If the service hook ever gets edited, or deleted, you'll need to reverify the connector and Pardot will recreate the service hook for your account.
  • A sync occurs every 10 minutes between Pardot and UserVoice via the service hook.
  • Because the service hook works so efficiently to push updates down to Pardot, we only fully sync accounts every 12 hours- technically if the service hook is deleted the UserVoice connector will continue to work, but it will only sync every 12 hours.
  • If you have the UserVoice connector set to not create the prospect, Pardot will still capture the email address of the reporting ticket user. If the option to create prospects is toggled on, we will create all the saved email addresses (captured via ticket suggestions) as prospects in Pardot when the next job runs.
  • Currently we only support one UserVoice account per account.

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