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Recycle Bin Overview

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2016 | Print this Article

In Pardot, when you delete information such as a prospect, campaign, or layout template, the information goes into your recycle bin instead of being deleted forever. This enables you to find the information if you change your mind in the future, and you are able to find it and easily restore it.

Undeleting Items

  1. Navigate to Admin > Recycle Bin.
  2. Click on the type of item you would like to restore
  3. Locate the item in the appropriate table.
  4. Click the gear icon and select Undelete.
  5. Click Yes when prompted with "Are You Sure?"


  • If you delete a campaign, the prospects associated with that campaign will remain in the system tagged with that campaign. They will not get assigned to another campaign. You can visit What happens to prospects tagged with a campaign when that campaign is deleted? for more information on this. If you opt to delete a campaign, Pardot will warn you if there are any elements in use (lists, rules, landing pages) associated with that campaign. Then you can either delete those assets or or associate them with another campaign.
  • Even when deleted, a prospect will continue to be tracked in the Recycle Bin. The prospect record may be restored manually by clicking 'undelete' in the Recycle Bin or automatically in a couple different ways. Visit What happens if a deleted prospect resubmits a form or is reimported? for more information on this.
  • If an assigned prospect who is syncing with the CRM is deleted in Pardot, they will be restored in the event that a user clicks "Send to Pardot," "Send Pardot Email" or "Send to Pardot List" from the syncing record in the CRM. A deleted prospect will also be restored if the Salesforce record it's syncing with is undeleted.
  • Tags are the only objects that will not be pushed to the Recycle Bin when you select "Delete" in your Pardot account. Tags will be deleted permanently from your instance. Content Files will be pushed to the Recycle Bin when you select "Delete", but they are also permanently deleted and cannot be undeleted.

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