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Using Engage Alerts

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Engage Alerts is a real-time service that informs you about prospect activity you might be interested in. It matches prospects based on criteria, and displays them in a card-based column view. Some basic columns come predefined; however, you can create your own columns to display the most relevant prospects. There are two major components to Engage Alerts: columns and Engagement Activity.

To access, click the Engage Alerts tab in Salesforce or open the Engage Alerts Desktop app.

Engage Alerts is currently supported in these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Latest stable version of Chrome
  • Latest stable version of Safari
  • Latest stable version of Firefox


Columns let you define your own criteria and populate a list of matching prospects in almost real-time. You can use columns to filter prospects based on activities and location — for example, you might be interested in what kinds of marketing materials prospects have interacted with, or what territory they are in. See this article for more information on criteria. You can view, add, edit, and delete columns from within Engage Alerts.

Columns show the last 4 days of visitor activity.

Engage Alerts Column View

Engagement Activity

Prospect Engagement Activity appears in columns as cards, and are grouped by prospect. The cards show the last action the prospect took, and prospects with the most recent activities are at the top of the column. Cards show the last 7 days of activity.

Click a card to get more information about the visitor's activities.

Engagement Activity Card Detail

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