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Tags Overview

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Tags are a lightweight, flexible, user-driven taxonomy for use in sorting and filtering data and reporting. Every asset in Pardot can be tagged with one or multiple keywords or phrases.

How to Create Tags

Tags can be created and assigned in a number of ways, including:

  • Manually by editing a Prospect.
  • In mass on Prospect tables, by applying the Add tags table action.
  • Via Automation Rules.
  • Through a Completion Action on a Form, File, and so on.
  • Via an import. This method of applying tags is only additive and will not remove any tags.

Lists versus Tags

  • Lists can only be applied to prospects whereas tags can be used for most objects.
  • Lists are generally used for taking action (for example, sending list or drip marketing emails) whereas tags are generally used for organizing.

Uses for Tags

  • You can use tags to filter data tables in Pardot. Use the Tags dropdown next to the filter field.
  • Tags are available in Reporting, which allows you to slice your data in another way. You can use tags to filter data in Pardot reports as well as in GoodData reporting.
  • Tags are a great way to associate prospects or items with different campaigns by tagging a prospect with multiple tags. Each tag can connect to and represent a different campaign (such as monthly newsletter, webinar, trade show, and so on).
  • You can label prospects according to their score. To do this, create an automation rule to add or remove tags based on a prospect's score.
  • You can tag email templates for easier filtering.
  • You may want to tag items that include content that needs to be regularly updated (e.g. an email or landing page that provides statistics for the previous quarter).

Merging Tags

To merge two or more tags together:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Tags.
  2. Click the title of one of the tags that you would to merge.
  3. Click Merge tags (at the top, under the tag name).
  4. Select the tag(s) that would you like to merge.
  5. Click Merge Tags.

Deleting Tags

Note: Deleting a tag cannot be undone. Deleted tags are removed from all assets and prospects.

To delete tags, first navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Tags. There are three ways to delete tags from the table:

  • Click the gear icon ( ) next to the tag, then click Delete.
  • Click the tag name, then click the Delete button in the top right of the screen.
  • To delete multiple tags, mark each tag you want to delete, then select the Delete table action and click Go.


  • Tags were chosen to help categorize items instead of folders because they are more flexible. Tags allow you to apply multiple tags to an item, whereas folders limit the user to choosing only one folder for the item.
  • Tags are kept internally within Pardot and will not sync with prospects into a CRM.
  • When tagging an object such as a list, that tag is not applied to all of the prospects within the list, just the list itself.
  • To add tags to all of the prospects, select all the prospects in the list, and click 'add tags' in the bottom left-hand corner of the table. Then you can select the tag to apply to that list of prospects.
  • Tag counts (the number of assets and prospects with a particular tag applied) may be up to 10 minutes out of date while processing large Import or Automation changes.

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