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Pardot Integration with Salesforce1 Overview

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Pardot is now integrated with Salesforce1. Salesforce1 is available for use on any device and can be downloaded as a mobile app. With Salesforce1, you can access Pardot information including prospect activities, prospect list membership and social data. To begin using Salesforce1, you’ll need to make sure that your Salesforce instance is updated to the latest version.

Step 1: Install Salesforce1 Mobile App

  1. Download the Salesforce1 app.
  2. Log into Salesforce1 with your Salesforce credentials.
  3. You will be prompted to authorize Salesforce1 to use your Salesforce account. Click Accept.

Step 2: Edit Lead/Contact Layouts in Salesforce

  1. Install the latest version of the Salesforce AppExchange package.
  2. Log in to Salesforce with appropriate administrative rights.
  3. Click Setup at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Customize in the left-hand navigation bar under App Setup.
  5. Under Customize, select Leads > Page Layout.
  6. Select Visualforce Pages in the Lead Layout box at top of page.visual force tabs to add
  7. Select the Pardot Mobile Activities field and drag it into the section labeled Mobile Cards (Salesforce1 only).
  8. Select the Pardot Mobile List Membership field and drag it into the section labeled Mobile Cards (Salesforce1 only).
  9. Select the Pardot Mobile Social Data field and drag it into the section labeled Mobile Cards (Salesforce1 only).
  10. When you’ve finished adding all three fields, the Mobile Cards section will look like this:salesforce1 mobile cards
  11. Select Save or Quick Save at top of the Lead Layout box.
  12. Repeat steps 6-10 for Contacts to add these fields to the appropriate Contact layouts.

Step 3: Pardot Navigation in Salesforce1

  1. Select Leads or Contacts from the left navigation menu to see prospect information.Salesforce1 Left Navigation
  2. From Leads or Contacts, search for your desired prospect and choose their name from the resulting list.Select Your Prospect
  3. Once on the Lead or Contact record, scroll down to see Pardot specific information including Pardot Score, Pardot Grade, Pardot URL, Pardot Campaign, Pardot Created Date, Pardot First Activity, Pardot Last Activity, Pardot Comments, and Pardot Notes.
  4. Swipe the Contact or Lead record to the left to access the third tab containing Visualforce fields and Pardot lists related to the prospect.
  5. You can access three cards: Pardot Activities, Pardot Lists and Social Data. Click on any card to drill in further.
  6. Pardot Activities pulls in all activity information from the Pardot prospect’s record.  Pardot Prospect Activities
  7. Prospect Lists displays all lists the prospect is a member of in Pardot. Click the blue plus sign to add the prospect to any list in Pardot from directly within the app.Prospects List
  8. Social data displays the prospect’s available social account information appended via data.comSocial Data
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