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Importing Salesforce Leads and Contacts

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Once you've connected Salesforce and Pardot, you'll want to import your existing leads and contacts into Pardot. The connector will not auto-create existing Salesforce leads and contacts in Pardot so you will have to perform at least one export out of Salesforce and import into Pardot to establish the records in both systems. Upon import, Pardot will sync the prospect record with the existing Salesforce lead or contact record and further updates to either records in either system will sync automatically. For complete import instructions, see Prospect Imports.

If your account allows multiple prospects with the same email address:
When you import prospects into Pardot for the first time, you must import by CRM ID to match leads and contacts with prospects. If you do not import by CRM ID, prospects imported by email address will create duplicate leads or contacts in Salesforce.

If you have questions about what will sync (and when it will sync) between Pardot and Salesforce, check out What Triggers a sync with my CRM? and What Syncs with my CRM? for more information.

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