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System Email Overview

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A log of all Pardot system email notifications can be found under Administration > System Emails. This module is only visible to Administrator users (more information on roles is available in What roles should I select for my users?). System emails are retained for 14 days. For a list of all system emails available, see System Emails Reference.

Note: System Emails are not Prospect Alerts, and cannot be changed in your notification preferences.

It's a good idea to have your email administrator whitelist Pardot's sending IP and hostname in your email system and filters -- this will ensure that system emails make it into your inbox. See Why am I not receiving system emails? for more information.

What data is available?

The main table displays a log of the recipients' email addresses, subject lines of the notification emails, and the dates and times the emails were sent. This table can be sorted by each of these columns, and can also be filtered by a type-ahead filter and the date range selector.

System Email Logs

Clicking on the recipient email address or subject will display more information about the notification email. For all system emails except for new user activations, location activations, and password reset emails (which all contain sensitive data that only the recipient should see), we will display the content (HTML and text) of the message that was sent.

System Email Example  

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