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Tracking Link Clicks from Your Website

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016 | Print this Article

In addition to email link tracking and custom redirects, you can add a CSS class to link tags in your website's source code so that Pardot can track clicks to external URLs (e.g., content hosted on your server or a third-party site).

The webpage where you are adding the tracked links will need to have the Pardot tracking code in place in order for the link to be tracked. Also, all external URLs need to be absolute URLs, not relative URLs.

Tracking Links

To add the tracking capability to an existing link, edit the source code and add the following class, "pardotTrackClick". For example:
<a href="" class="pardotTrackClick">Click Here</a>
<a href="" class="pardotTrackClick">Click Here</a>

By adding "pardotTrackClick" to your link tags, Pardot will capture the link click before directing the visitor or prospect to the URL's destination.

The click activity will display in the visitor session record or as a page view on the prospect record.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like custom redirects. Do I need to use this method to track my website's links?

Not at all; adding the CSS class to your link tag is simply an alternative to capture clicks. It reduces having to create a custom redirect every time you want to track a link from your website. However, you can continue to use custom redirects as you have been on your website.

When would I need to use custom redirects?

Custom redirects are great to create trackable links you can use anywhere on the web -- from your social post, blog comment, or banner ads. Custom redirects also have the added benefit of completion actions, which would take place when identified prospects click.

Can I use this CSS class on any guest blog posts or anything?

Adding this tag to capture link clicks on your site where you have a Pardot tracking code (e.g., your main website or micro-site). If you are creating a link for a third-party site, you should use custom redirects (see above).

How is the link click scored?

Pardot treats this type of link click as a page view. The scoring of this click will follow your baseline scoring for page views on your website.

Will I need to include this tag in the source code of my emails?

No. Pardot automatically rewrites links to be tracked and displays link clicks in the prospect activity.

What about tracking information that displays in the Thank You Content after a prospect successfully submits a form or landing page?

Pardot automatically tracks that, too. No need to add this tag to any link in your form's Thank You Content.

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