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Sending from a Custom CRM User

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016 | Print this Article

When sending emails, personalization is key. You can send an email from any user field, including support contacts, account managers, and more — anyone who is attached to a Pardot prospect!

This feature is only available for clients who use Salesforce as their CRM and have a verified connector.

Setup Instructions

Follow these instructions to set up this feature in your Pardot account.

Steps in Salesforce

Step 1: Create Custom Field in Salesforce

Create a custom field you’d like to use to contain your CRM User Value (for example: Relationship Manager) on the lead and contact record in Salesforce.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields.
  2. Scroll down to Lead Custom Field & Relationship and click New.newleadfield
  3. Select Lookup Field as the type.lookup relationship
  4. In the Related to dropdown, select User.
Step 2: Create an identical Contact field
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Fields.
  2. Scroll down to Contact Custom Field & Relationship and click New.
  3. Select Lookup Field as the type.
Step 3: Map the lead field to the contact field
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields.
  2. Scroll down to Lead Custom Field & Relationship and click Map Lead Fields.mapleadfields
  3. Select corresponding field from the dropdown.
  4. Populate the chosen CRM User lookup field in Salesforce with the desired Salesforce user.

Steps in Pardot

Step 1: Create Custom Field Create a custom field in Pardot that corresponds to the field you just created in Salesforce.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields.
  2. Click +Add Custom Field.
  3. Give the field a Name that corresponds with the name of the field in Salesforce.
  4. Select the corresponding Salesforce Field Name from the dropdown.
  5. Designate the type as CRM User to hold the field values on the prospect record.
create custom field type crm user     
Step 2: Create User
  1. There must be a user seat in Pardot for any Salesforce user populated in the CRM User look-up field in Salesforce. This will allow Pardot to infer information about the user for variable tags when sending the email.
  2. Navigate to AdminUser Management > Users.
  3. Click +Add New User.
  4. Select the corresponding CRM Username from the dropdown.

Pardot will sync down the values from the mapped Salesforce look up field, and populate CRM User custom field on the applicable prospect records. Alternately, you can change the CRM user by importing the CRM ID.

Using the Feature to Send Emails

After you've set up your users and custom fields, you will be able to fully leverage this feature.  Your emails can now appear to come from any user in your Salesforce account. To use the feature:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails >Templates.
  2. In Step 3 of your Email Template, under Sender, choose CRM User as the sender of this email

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.00.52 PM

Additionally, you will be able to use variable tags for any email you send from a custom CRM User in Pardot. These variable tags will be inferred from the user's record in Pardot. For more information on how your variable tags will populate, please see Variable User Tags in Emails.  

For more information on how to send emails, please see Sending Email in Pardot. 

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