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Eventbrite Connector Overview

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Pardot syncs with Eventbrite to provide reporting and scoring on event registrations and attendance from inside of Pardot. Eventbrite events are synced down and displayed in Pardot prospect activities and reports.

The Eventbrite Connector can do the following:
  • Display registrations and attendance as prospect activities.
  • Automatically score event registrations and attendance in Pardot.
  • Report on registrations and attendance for Eventbrite events.
  • Quickly view important statistics for each event.
  • Automatically pull in prospects who exist in Eventbrite but not yet in Pardot.

Setting up the Eventbrite Connector in Pardot

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Add connector.
  3. Select Eventbrite from the list of event connectors.
    • Note: Eventbrite uses a secure OAuth authentication model where users must login to Eventbrite and explicitly grant access to Pardot.
    • You will not be asked to authorize an Eventbrite account until after creating and verifying the connector.
  4. Select a Campaign to assign to any prospects that are created via attendee syncing with Eventbrite.
    • We suggest something generic like "Eventbrite Sync".
    • This is similar to prospects who are auto-created by being pulled down from your CRM (if applicable) or email plug-in.
  5. Optional: You can disable Create prospects in Pardot if they don't exist. When Pardot receives a list of registrants and/or attendees for an event, if the checkbox is checked and the prospects do not exist in Pardot, they will be created as a prospect.
  6. Optional: You can enable Pull historical events.
    • Select this if you want past events to be pulled in and displayed in Pardot.
    • This is retroactive for all time and if you enable it later after the connector is set up it is still retroactive.
    • If you enable this and "Create prospects in Pardot if they don't exist," all prospects who registered and/or attended past events will be created in Pardot as prospects.
  7. Optional: You can enable the connector to Pull Additional Fields from Eventbrite onto the Prospect record. See the section "Field Mapping" below for more info on what's brought over.
  8. Click Create connector to save your settings.
  9. Your Eventbrite connector will now appear in the Connectors table. Note that the connector status is marked as Not Verified.
  10. Click Verify now. You will be taken to the Eventbrite login page where you should log in with your Eventbrite credentials.
  11. You will next see a screen saying "Allow Pardot to Access Eventbrite?". Click Allow.
  12. You will be taken back into Pardot where you should see the Eventbrite connector now verified as shown by a green checkmark under the "verified" status.
  13. Repeat the process for your multiple Eventbrite accounts.

Field Mapping

When you enable the connector to Pull Additional Fields (an optional setting), here is a detailed list of what fields in the Eventbrite form will be mapped onto Prospect records. If there is a case where more than one field is mapped in this table, the first field filled in will "win." Eventbrite will also never overwrite prospect data in Pardot. It will only add data when Pardot has an empty field.
Eventbrite Field Pardot Field
Prefix Salutation
Company Company
Website, Blog Website
Job Title Job Title
Work Address, Home Address Address One
Work Address 2, Home Address 2 Address Two
Work City, Home City City
Work Country, Work Country Code, Home Country, Home Country Code Country
Work Postal Code, Home Postal Code Zip
Work Phone, Home Phone Phone
Work Region, Home Region State

Prospect Activity

Registration and actual attendance ("Checked In") will both be displayed on the prospect record as activities.



You can set a default score for your events by
  1. Navigating to Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring Rules.
  2. Click Edit Scoring Rules.
  3. Select Event Checked In or Event Registered to apply a score for each activity
  4. Click Save.

Changing scoring rules is a significant change. Please be sure to review the documentation related to custom scoring, particularly if you have a connected CRM system or automation rules based around scoring, before making changes.


  • If your account allows multiple prospects with the same email address, any Eventbrite registration activity will be attributed to the prospect with the most recent Last Activity field value.
  • Events have to be published in Eventbrite in order for us to pull them into our system. If you can't see your event in Pardot, make sure it is published in your Eventbrite account.
  • You can have multiple Eventbrite connectors in your Pardot account. Feel free to set up one for each of your Eventbrite accounts.
  • You can opt to pull all historical data and past events into Pardot. This is retroactive and can't be reversed once the events are imported into Pardot.
  • There could be a difference between the number of prospects who registered for the event and the number of tickets purchased. This is usually due to the prospect purchasing more than one ticket at a time. If you drill into a specific event, you can see how many tickets each prospect purchased.
  • If you publish an event for testing purposes, you can hide the event from the report table by checking that event and selecting "Hide" from the dropdown at the bottom left of the table. Hidden events can be viewed and unhidden by the dropdown at the top right of the table. Hidden events will still be tracked by Pardot.
  • This is a read only feature from Eventbrite, we are not able to register prospects for events via Pardot forms or completion actions. This is due to a restriction of Eventbrite's API.

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