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Which Automation Tool should I use?

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Do you have a hard time understanding when to use Automation Rules versus Segmentation Rules? What about Completion Actions and Dynamic Lists? This article will help demystify Pardot's automation tools.

Choosing the Right Tool at the Right Time

Use this decision tree to decide which automation tool to use, and when: pardot automation decision tree

Here, we walk you through a few different scenarios:

Scenario 1: You want to send out an autoresponder email when a prospect submits a form to download a white paper.

You need a rule based on the action of submitting a form — use a Completion Action.

Scenario 2: You want to pull a one-time report of how many prospects are in your southeast territory.

You need a rule based on the criteria of southeast territory,  that runs one time — use a Segmentation Rule.

Scenario 3: You want to create a Salesforce task when a prospect has successfully submitted a form and has a grade greater than B+.

You need a rule based on the criteria of prospect Grade is greater than B+, and the rule needs to run when the prospect takes the action of submitting a form. You therefore need a rule that is based on an Action off Criteria — use an Automation Rule.

Scenario 4: You want to create a list that you can use for a drip program that will add prospects to the program when they have a Score of 100 and a Grade of at least a B+, and remove them if their score falls below 100, or their grade falls below B+.

You need a rule that updates a list based on the criteria of a  Score greater than 100 and a Grade that is greater than B+.  You therefore need a rule that runs more than once, updates a list, and is based on criteria — use a Dynamic List.

Video Series

Here's a video series that can help demystify commonly-confused automation tools in Pardot. Click any link below to expand (video will open on this page). Part 1: Match Any vs Match All Part 2: Automation vs. Segmentation Rules Part 3: Automation Rules vs. Completion Actions Part 4: Completion Actions vs. Dynamic Lists Check out these Knowledge Base articles for more help: Automation Rules Overview
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