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Why won't my connector verify?

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Your CRM Connector allows your CRM to sync with Pardot so that data can be passed back and forth between the two applications. In order for this to happen, you must first set up and verify your connector. This article is intended to help troubleshoot why your connector may be having difficulties verifying.

Must Install the Pardot Package Error (Salesforce)

When attempting to verify the Salesforce connector, you may get an error like this one:

Before you can create a Salesforce connector, you must install the Pardot package in the Salesforce Org to which you are connecting. Please see our Knowledge Base article on installing the Pardot package


This error message may be caused by one of two things:

  • The connector user does not have permission to read/write/view all/modify/delete all ObjectChangeLogs
  • The Pardot AppExchange Package has not been installed in the Salesforce Org.


Insufficient Permissions:

Make sure that the connector user has been granted the appropriate permissions in Salesforce. At minimum, the connector user needs to have access to the following in Salesforce:
  • Create, edit, and read all leads
  • Create, edit, and read all contacts
  • Create all tasks
  • Read all users
  • Read all campaigns
  • Read/write/view all/modify/delete all ObjectChangeLogs
Pardot AppExchange Package Not Installed:
Install the Pardot AppExchange Package.  

Password/username changes


CRM username and passwords may change for a number of reasons; perhaps your CRM has a specified password expiration date range, the connector user is also a standard CRM user and he/she could have changed their password, or the connector user's email address was updated to match your companies new email domain.


Log in to your CRM using the connector user email address and password that is set in Pardot. If you are not able to log in to your CRM with those credentials, Pardot will also not be able to communicate with your CRM. Update the username and/or password in the CRM and then update them in Pardot to match what is used to log in to the CRM. To update your username and password in Pardot:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Under the Actions column, click on the gear icon to the right of your CRM connector and choose Edit.
  3. Update the username and/or password fields accordingly to match your updated CRM credentials.

Outdated/Unsupported CRM Version


If you are using a CRM that requires manual updates, Pardot may not support the version that you are currently on. Please see the table below for Pardot's most current CRM version.

CRM Version
Salesforce Professional and higher, developer, trial, sandbox
NetSuite NetSuite, OneWorld
SugarCRM Sugar 5.2-6.59, Community Edition, Sugar on Demand, Sugar Cloud
Dynamics 4.0, 2011, Rollups 8, 12, 13

Outdated Package

Pardot's CRM packages/bundles should also be updated to the most current version to assure proper communication between the two systems. Please see the table below for the most current version of Pardot's CRM package/bundle.

CRM Package Version
Salesforce See Pardot AppExchange Package Download and Release History for current version.
NetSuite 18549
SugarCRM V36
Dynamics No Package

Note: If updating both your CRM and package/bundle, please update your CRM, then install the newest package/bundle.

Incorrect URL


The incorrect URL has been entered at the Pardot Connector.



  • Verify that the URL that is entered points to where the service description (WSDL) is.
  • Example:


  • Verify that the URL that is entered points to where the service description (WSDL) is.
  • "URL" will be dependent upon your Dynamics setup: SPLA or AD. Your system admin should be able to determine your setup.
  • Example: SPLA =
  • Example: AD =

Sandbox vs Non-sandbox (Salesforce)

If you have checked the sandbox option on the Salesforce connector options, and you are trying to connect to a production account, the connector will not verify. The opposite is also true.

Whitelisting IP Ranges (Salesforce)

Salesforce access can be limited by IP address. If your connector user is assigned a profile with profile-level  IP restrictions, you'll need to have your Salesforce administrator whitelist the following IP ranges In order for Pardot to successfully communicate with Salesforce:

  • to
  • to

Same Connector User in Multiple Pardot Instances

If you attempt to use the same CRM connector user in more than one Pardot instance, the connector will not verify. Connector users must be unique.

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