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Creating Lists

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Lists are groups of prospects that can be used to send list emails or to build drip marketing programs. This article will walk you through creating a new list. To create a new list:
  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists.
  2. Click +Add List.
  3. Enter a Name for the list. This is internal-only.
  4. Select a Folder.
  5. Optional: add Tags. Note: this only tags the list, not the prospects added to the list.
  6. If the list will be used for internal testing, mark Email Test List.
  7. If you want the list to be a Dynamic List, mark Dynamic List.
  8. Optional: pick an Archive Date if you want to make the list inactive at some point in the future (or past). Archiving lists moves them to the "Archived List" view on the List table in Segmentation. Note that archived lists cannot be used for list emails.
  9. Optional: if you want to make the list available on any Email Preference center, mark Public List. You'll be prompted to enter a Label and Description that your prospects will see in your Email Preference Center.
  10. Optional: If you have a verified CRM connector, you can enable the CRM Visible option to allow prospects to be added to or removed from this list from your CRM.
  11. Click Create list to save.
After you've created your list, you can start adding prospects to it. See Adding Prospects to Lists for more help. This video walk you through the basics of creating a new list. Click here to expand the video.

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