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A form field's type determines what kind of data the field can capture. These field types are available in Pardot:
Type Allowed entry format and features
Text Free-form data entry; character limit at 255 characters for default fields, and 56,000 characters for custom fields. †*
Number Numerical values; allows for incremental actions (ex: +20) in automation and segmentation rules, and “greater than” and “less than” criteria in rules and dynamic lists – more on number automation
 Date Date values (YYYY-MM-DD is best); allows for time-based criteria (“is before”, “is after”, “days ago less than”, etc.) in rules and dynamic lists; allows for “date stamping” in completion actions (ex: setting the current date when a prospect fills out a form)
Radio Button Customized radio buttons. Prospects can select one option out of several. 
Checkbox Custom checkboxes. Prospects can select multiple options out of several. 
Dropdown Custom dropdown menu. Prospect can select one option out of several.
TextArea Large, free form text box; character limit at 65,535 characters*
Multi-Select Custom list. Prospect can select multiple options out of several.
Hidden Field will capture data but will not be visible to prospects viewing the form
CRM User  Allows for the CRM User to be used as a "Send From" option in the Email Template and Email Send Wizard. Please see Sending an Email for more information. Pardot offers an optional Salesforce connector setting: "Automatically match Salesforce users to Pardot users". Toggling this option on allows you to automate syncing Salesforce relational fields tied to CRM users down to Prospect fields of the type "CRM User" and then matching those users to users Pardot users.
† If you try to import values that are over the character limit for a text field, the value will be cut off.
* Character limits are not customizable.

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