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Idea Exchange Status Glossary

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Our Product Development and Engineering teams are always working to make Pardot better, and we rely on client feedback to help us shape the product road map based on insights from our user base. On the Idea Exchange, you can submit feature requests, and other users can vote on and comment on your ideas. This article explains what each idea status means.

No Status

This is a new idea’s default state. Product Managers receive notices for each new idea and are constantly watching new ideas take flight. Ideas move out of this state after they receive 40 votes OR after a quarterly review cycle.

Product Team Review

Once an idea has captured a Product Manager’s attention, it will be reviewed within the greater context of priorities, feasibility, impact, and more. Once Pardot has gathered enough information, the idea will move along to the appropriate phase.

Considered for Future Roadmap

The idea has merit, but we cannot prioritize it in the foreseeable future. Pardot plans to implement the idea at some point in the future, but we reserve the right to adjust plans at any time.

Not Planned

Pardot does not plan to include this idea in its future offerings.

Existing Feature

Pardot already offers this functionality.

On Roadmap

Pardot plans to release this idea within the next Salesforce Release Cycle.

In Development

Pardot is actively developing this idea.


A selected group of users currently is using this functionality, or parts of it, in their account.


This idea is now available, though it may not be available for all Pardot editions due to pricing and packaging decisions.

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