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IP Location Activation

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2017 | Print this Article

As part of our ongoing commitment to security, Pardot offers the option for location activation when you access the application from a different computer and from an unrecognized location for the first time. This prevents someone from accessing your account in the event that they discover your Pardot username and password.

If you have this feature enabled, you will be prompted with an error screen saying:
Activation Required You are attempting to access Pardot from an unrecognized location.

When logging in from an unrecognized IP or uncookied browser, Pardot will automatically send you an activation email. Click the activation link and then log in as normal.

Enabling IP Location Activation

You can select which type of security you would like for your account. Follow these steps to enable IP location activation:

  1. Access Account Settings by hovering over the gear icon () at the top right of any screen > Settings, then click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to Enable IP Security dropdown.
  3. Choose from the following options:
    • Enabled: IP activations will also cookie your machine so if you use a "floating" IP address, you will be able to log in (if you are using the same browser) and activate only once.
    • Disabled: IP activations are turned off for the entire account (not recommended).
    • Restricted: Only users from whitelisted IP addresses will be able to access the account. If the user logs in from another location, they will need to ask a Pardot Administrator user for their account or our Support team to whitelist their IP address (our team requires permission from an Administrator user to make this change as well). Note: To enable this option, you must have an admin contact Pardot Support.
  4. Click Save account.

What requires IP activation?

  • Accessing Pardot through the web application
  • Accessing Pardot via the API
  • Single sign-on from CRM
  • Accessing the Pardot activity iframe through your CRM

What does not require IP activation?

  • LeadDeck (Pardot Desktop)

Whitelisting IP Ranges

Account Administrators can whitelist ranges of IPs that these users are logging in from with the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Security.
  2. Click + Whitelist New Range.
  3. Enter a Name, IP range start (e.g., and IP range end (e.g.,
  4. Click Create whitelist range to save.

Managing Whitelisted IPs

You will be able to manage both account-wide activated IP ranges (like your office, your servers that access our API, etc.) and user-set IPs (like users' homes, their neighborhood coffee shops, etc.). This allows you to delete any temporary IPs (flights, hotels, etc.) that you no longer want and to also set ranges that you know you will need for API access.

To manage whitelisted IPs:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Security.
  2. Locate the account whitelisted IP rages or user whitelisted IP addresses that you want to edit or delete, and click the gear icon.
  3. Select Edit or Delete.
Whitelisted IPS


  • Clicking the "remember me" link when logging in to your Pardot account will allow you to access Pardot without logging in for 90 days, however, if you access Pardot from an unrecognized IP address within this period, you will be prompted to activate your location again.
  • If users are being asked to activate their location on every login, their ISP may be rotating access to the internet through a variety of IP addresses. If you use DSL, your IP is likely to rotate often. Typically, these IP addresses are parts of larger IP blocks (e.g., and are both part of the 99 block). Whitelisting an IP block will allow users rotating within that block to access Pardot without being required to activate their IP location.

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