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WebEx Connector Overview

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Pardot syncs bidirectionally with WebEx Event Center to seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity all from within the Pardot marketing automation system. The WebEx connector can do the following:

  • Register prospects for WebEx events from Pardot forms via completion actions
  • Display registrations and attendance as activities in the prospect record and score them
  • Report on registrations and attendance for WebEx events
  • Automatically pull in prospects who exist in WebEx but not yet in Pardot

Setting up the WebEx Connector in Pardot

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Add Connector.
  3. Select WebEx from the list of webinar connectors.
  4. Enter the WebEx ID (login) and Password of a WebEx administrator.
  5. Enter the Subdomain used to access WebEx (i.e. "").
  6. Optional: You can disable Create prospects in Pardot if they don't exist.
    • When Pardot receives a list of registrants and/or attendees for a webinar, if the checkbox is checked and the prospects do not exist in Pardot, they will be created as a prospect (this is retroactive for all time and if you enable it later after the connector is set up it will still be retroactive).
    • Note: If you are using Pardot forms with Webinar completion actions then this doesn't apply as the prospect will always be created in Pardot.
  7. Select a Campaign to assign to any prospects that are created via attendee syncing with WebEx.
    • We suggest something generic like "WebEx Sync".
    • This is similar to prospects that are auto-created by being pulled down from your CRM (if applicable) or email plug-in.
  8. Click Create connector to save your settings.
  9. Your WebEx connector will now appear in the table. The status is marked as Not Verified. To ensure that you have properly set up the connector, click Verify now. If Pardot is able to successfully send and receive data to and from WebEx, the status will change to checkmark denoting a successful integration.
  10. Repeat steps 3-10 for your other WebEx connectors as you can set up a connector in your Pardot account for each WebEx subdomain.


Registering a Prospect via a Pardot Form

To register prospects for a webinar, add a completion action to a form and select an upcoming event (past events will not be displayed in the dropdown). The autoresponder should be set up in WebEx and it will send confirmation and the login credentials. You do not need to set up a Pardot autoresponder.


Prospect Activity

Registration and actual attendance will both be displayed on the prospect record as activities.


Scores for these activities can be set under administration.


To view reporting on webinars, navigate to Reports > Webinars.
  • This will display both your upcoming webinars and those that have finished.
  • The numbers of prospects who registered, attended, and were absent can all be drilled into by clicking on them.
  • You can then see a list of prospects to export, segment into a list, or tag.
  • We will not report Absent attendees until 48 hours after the webinar has ended to ensure the report is accurate and complete.
  • If multiple prospects with the same email address register, all but one will be excluded from WebEx reporting.



  • The Pardot WebEx connector integrates with WebEx Event Center (not WebEx Meeting Center), and does not integrate with events that take place as parts of programs.
  • If you have multiple prospects with the same email address, and one registers for a WebEx event, the registration will be attributed to the prospect with the most recent Last Activity field value.
  • When the connector is first enabled, all historical webinars pulled in will create activities on prospect records. If the activity is a webinar attendance with an attendance date/time in WebEx, the prospect activity timestamp will be set to that date/time. If the activity is a webinar attendance without an attendance date/time in WebEx, the prospect activity timestamp will be set to the start date/time of the webinar attended as recorded in WebEx. If the activity is a webinar invitation or registration, the prospect activity timestamp will be the date/time of the invitation or the registration in WebEx.
  • The username you use to establish the connector should be an administrator with access to all events scheduled. Pardot will sync only those events that your connector user has access to.
  • You cannot verify multiple connectors with the same WebEx subdomain.
  • In order for prospect records to be created with complete form field information, the prospect must register for the WebEx event via a Pardot Form.
  • The following fields sync between Pardot and WebEx: Email, First Name, Last Name, Address One, Address Two, Company, Country, City, Phone Number, State, and Job Title.
  • History can take up to 3 days to receive from Webex; it will actually typically resolve within a few hours.
  • Webinars removed from the calendar will be treated as being deleted.
  • Filtered prospects will not be registered for a webinar through a Pardot form since "Register for a webinar" is a completion action and Pardot prospects who are filtered do not have completion actions applied to them. To still register your filtered prospects for the webinar, either remove the filter (not necessarily recommended, especially if it is useful for other report filtering) or have the filtered prospects (most likely they are your employees) register through the WebEx registration form itself.

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