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Automation Rule Examples

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Automation Rule Samples: Click each image to open a new window and zoom in.


Grading - Automation rules can adjust a prospect's grade, which shows how suitable the prospect is for the company. In this scenario, there are three rule criteria the prospect must satisfy to be matched to the Executive Buyer profile. A prospect must be from Texas, work at a midsize company, and have a particular score for corporate culture.


Adding prospects to a list - Using this automation rule, once prospects reach a grade greater than C+, they are automatically added to the Newsletter Interest list. This allows for prospects to begin receiving emails and develop into strong leads.


Adjusting Prospect Score - This rule is based on two actions a prospect can take that are weighed equally. In this case, a prospect’s score will be adjusted by 50 points if they request a demo OR attend the webinar. If there are other prospect actions that the company sees fit to receive a 50 point adjustment, additional rule criteria can be added under this automation rule. However, if the company would like to adjust the score by 50 points for requesting a demo, and add an additional 50 points for attending the webinar, two separate automation rules would need to be created.

Assignment Rule

Assignment based on State & Form Submission - This rule combines criteria and prospect actions. If a prospect expresses interest in a demo by completing a Demo Request and is also from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, or Florida, the prospect is assigned to Dane Hall, the contact for prospects in the southeast.

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