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How do default Pardot fields map to Netsuite Fields

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The following field mappings for individual records (prospects, customers and contacts) are set up automatically when you verify your NetSuite Connector. By default, NetSuite will be the master for all of these fields except for the proprietary Pardot fields (score, grade, Pardot campaign, etc), referrer fields, and Google Analytics fields created when you install the NetSuite bundle. However, you can choose to make Pardot the master for most other fields and change most of the default mappings if you'd like (exclusions are indicated below). Please see our default fields article for more information.

Default Prospect Field Mapping

Pardot Prospect Field Netsuite Field
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email ¹ E-mail
Company Contacts: Company link based on company name
Campaign ¹ Pardot Campaign
Score ¹ Pardot Score
Grade ¹ Pardot Grade
Assigned User ¹ SalesRep or SalesTeam List (depending on account settings)
Notes ¹ Pardot Notes
Recent Interaction --
First Activity (from Prospect Activities section) ¹ Pardot First Activity
Last Activity (from Prospect Activities section) ¹ Pardot Last Activity
Website --
Job Title Title
Department --
Country ⁵ Country (Default Shipping Address)
Address One ⁵ Address One (Default Shipping Address)
Address Two ⁵ Address Two (Default Shipping Address)
City ⁵ City (Default Shipping Address)
State ⁵ State (Default Shipping Address)
Territory --
Zip ⁵ Zip (Default Shipping Address)
Phone Phone
Fax Fax
Source Lead Source
Annual Revenue --
Employees --
Industry --
Do Not Email ³ Pardot Removed from All Emails
Do Not Call --
Years in Business --
Comments ¹ Pardot Comments
Salutation Mr./Ms...
Prospect Opted Out ¹ ² Pardot Opt Out and Unsubscribe
Created At ¹ Pardot Created Date
Prospect Referrer ¹ Pardot First Referrer (pi_first_referrer_c)
Prospect Referrer Query ¹ Pardot First Referrer Query (pi_first_referrer_query_c)
Prospect Referrer Type ¹ Pardot First Referrer Type (pi_first_referrer_type_c)
Pardot Google Analytics Campaign ¹ ⁴ Google Analytics Campaign
Pardot Google Analytics Medium ¹ ⁴ Google Analytics Medium
Pardot Google Analytics Source ¹ ⁴ Google Analytics Source
Pardot Google Analytics Content ¹ ⁴ Google Analytics Content
Pardot Google Analytics Term ¹ ⁴ Google Analytics Term
To be set at NetSuite Connector ⁶ Lead Status
1 Pardot's proprietary fields (Pardot Campaign, Score, Grade, etc.), the referrer fields, and the Google Analytics Connector fields are considered the master over NetSuite fields by default and cannot be remapped to sync with other fields in NetSuite. The Assigned User and Prospect Opted Out fields also cannot be edited to make Pardot the master or remapped to another field in NetSuite. 2 Pardot will only push, not pull, data from the Opt Out field to NetSuite's Unsubscribe button. 3 Similar to other proprietary Pardot fields, the "Do Not Email" field is also considered the master over the field in NetSuite. However, this field differs from other proprietary fields as it is able to be remapped. Upon remapping, Pardot still remains the master over NetSuite. 4 Visible if the Google Analytics Connector is enabled. 5 Pardot address fields can be remapped to custom NetSuite fields, however, upon remapping, the default NetSuite address fields (eg. address_line1) cannot be remapped to a different Pardot field. 6 An optional default Lead Status ID can be entered in your NetSuite connector settings if you would like to choose which lead status Pardot will use when Pardot creates new records in NetSuite. If you do not enter an ID value here, Pardot will use the default (Lead_status ID 18, which is the default "Lead-Qualified" status), and if that does not exist, we use the first entity_status with the word "lead" in its name. You can obtain the lead status ID in NetSuite by going to Setup> Sales> Customer Statuses.

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