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Enabling Single Sign-On for SugarCRM

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It is important to set up your SugarCRM/Pardot single sign-on, since it enables your users to transfer seamlessly between the CRM and Pardot.This also prevents SugarCRM users from having to enter their Pardot username and password  in order to view an iframe in a lead or contact record.

Enabling Single Sign-on

Administrators can enable single sign-on for their users in Pardot, either through user import, at the individual user level, or by following these steps.
Keep in mind, when using these steps, users will not be able to access Pardot directly--they must gain access to Pardot through the CRM.
  1. Go to Admin > User Management > Users.
  2. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the table to select all users you wish to enable single sign-on for.
  3. From the dropdown at the bottom left of the users table, select Enable single sign-on with CRM.
You can also have your users follow these steps, if they wish to enable single sign-on themselves:
  1. Hover over your email address in the top right.
  2. Click My Settings in the resulting dropdown.
  3. Verify that your CRM username is correct.
  4. If incorrect or absent, click Edit My User Information to change or add it.
  5. If your username is correct, click Verify after the name.
  6. Enter your SugarCRM password when prompted and click Verify.
  7. You will receive a message letting you know whether or not this was successful.
  8. If successful, log into SugarCRM and click on Contact or Lead record. You should be able to see their Pardot activities without logging into Pardot separately.
  9. Each of your employees will need to perform these steps to utilize the single sign on. Note that if your SugarCRM username or password changes, you will need to make the same change within Pardot.
Note: If an Administrator enables a user's single sign-on before the user has activated their Pardot account, the user's profile will have an alert message reading 'User has activated their account. This user is SSO-only and cannot log in using their email and password.' This means that single sign on users have an activated Pardot account without having a Pardot password. So they appear as activated but are incapable of logging into Pardot normally (from the regular log in screen).

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