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Using Automation Rules to Grade Prospects

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Rather than manually qualifying prospects by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to each profile criterion in a prospect’s record, we can use automation rules to automatically apply grading based on prospect field data. This table helps explain grading options and how they affect a prospect's grade:
Grading with Automation Rules Grading Impact
Matches Positive: Increases Grade
Does Not Match Negative: Decreases Grade
Not Known Neutral: No Impact
Important note: You will need to create a rule for each profile criterion.
  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automation > Rules.
  2. Click + Add Automation Rule.
  3. Create a rule that includes the field values that you have decided would cause a given criterion to match.  Let’s use Job Title in this scenario. For example: “If Prospect default field [Job Title] contains: President; VP; CEO; etc…
  4. Create the rule action that “Changes profile criteria [select profile] to {matches}”. For example: “Change profile criteria: default profile – Job Title to: matches
Example: Sample Grading Rule 4. Once this rule matches someone with the job title of President, CEO, or VP, they will get a grade boost by how much you specified your profile criterion for job title to be worth (1/3, 2/3, or 3/3). You can list out multiple field values separated by a semicolon to match for one of the values in the list.  

Note: Don't use a single automation rule to apply a new profile and match criteria. Sometimes the new profile won't be applied in time for the automation rule to fire on the criteria change. We recommend using two automation rules: one to apply the new profile, and one to change the criteria. For example, if you want to apply the "VP" profile to prospects with a job title containing "VP", and then increase their grade if they're in the "Marketing" department, your two rules should look like this:
Rule 1: Prospect default field [Job Title] contains: VP | Change prospect profile to VP
Rule 2: (Choose Match All) Prospect default field [Department] is Marketing AND Prospect Profile is VP | Change profile criteria [Marketing Decision Maker] to Matches.

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