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We've compiled answers to our most frequently-asked drip program questions here. If you need more help with templates and best practices , see Drip Program Sample Templates. If you want to master Pardot’s drip programs, take the Drip Programs eLearning course here.

How long does it take my drip program to start after I unpause it?

Once you unpause a drip program, it should start sending emails within an hour.

What happens if a prospect opts out of the list for a drip program?

If a prospect in a drip goes to your email preference center and opts out of the list used for the drip program, they will stop moving through the drip completely. They will not receive drip emails, and any other actions in the drip (user notifications, tagging, and so on) will not be triggered.

If you have multiple prospects with the same email address and one opts out of a list, all prospects with that email address will be opted out of the list. If another prospect with a matching email gets added to the list later, they will be opted out of the list automatically.

How do I send a series of emails without checking for clicks or performing additional actions?

If you want to send a simple series of emails and not check for clicks or take additional action, simply use the "Send Email" and "Pause" icons, disregarding the more advanced options.

What happens if a prospect is removed from a drip and later added back?

A "pause" is required between drip emails. If you remove a prospect from a drip and later add them back to the list, they will resume the drip where they left off (instead of starting over again).

How often can prospects be added to a drip?

Prospects can be continually added to a drip program, regardless of what step the other prospects have reached. Every time a new prospect is added to the drip program's recipient list, they will start at the beginning of the drip.

How do I stop a drip campaign?

You can pause a drip at any time, just click on the name of the drip and then click "Pause Drip" in the upper navigation. When viewing a saved drip, you will see a hyperlinked number next to each action. Clicking on this number will display a list of all the prospects who have "passed" this stage. Note: If the stage is sending an email, the number will include all prospects who completed the stage, even prospects who are not mailable.

How do pauses work when I stop a drip?

For any prospects that are currently in a pause step, pause logic is not stopped if a drip program is paused. If a prospect has started a pause step, they will continue to progress through the pause until they reach the end of the pause period — even if the entire drip program has been paused. Once the drip program is resumed, if it has been beyond the length of the pause logic, the prospect will immediately move on to the next step. For example — if a prospect is on day 1 of a 4-day pause step, and the drip program is stopped for 5 days, the prospect will immediately move to the next step in the drip once the drip is unpaused.

What do I do if I want to add new emails to a drip campaign?

You can add new emails to a drip campaign at any time by editing the drip. A prospect will only receive emails that you add after their current drip phase. The system will not retroactively send new emails to prospects who are already farther along in the drip. However, if you edit a step to place it within a branch, and then add more steps under it, then prospects who have completed the original step may also complete the new steps you added, even if the prospect is farther along in the drip.

It is very important to note that if you add an email to the very end (including deleting the last email in the drip and inserting a new one), then all prospects will receive this email, including those who have completed all drip phases.

What if I want to switch out a template I'm using in a drip?

If you would like to update an existing email in your drip to a new email template, you can simply edit this email template in Step. 3 Logic of the Drip Program Wizard. You can click on the blue, hyperlinked name of the email, which will bring up a drop down box for you to select the desired email. Editing an email (as opposed to adding a new email) that is at the end of your drip program will not send this email to prospects who have already completed this drip phase.

Will a prospect receive the same email template twice?

This question depends on when your Pardot account was created and whether your account has multiple prospects with the same email address.

Account Created  Default to...  Notes 
 Before December 5th, 2012 Will NOT receive email template more than once If the prospect has already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder, or automation rule, they will NOT receive the same email template again. However, if you used that email template in a list email or a one-to-one email to the prospect, then the drip program will send them the email again (regardless of the account setting).
 After December 5th, 2012 Will receive email template more than once If the prospect has already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder, or automation rule, they WILL receive the same email template again.

Your account administrator can change this setting to allow/disable sending email templates more than once in drip programs by navigating to Your email > Settings > Edit Account >  and marking or unmarking Drip Programs: Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect.

If you have multiple prospects with same email address, it is possible for them to receive the same email template as another prospect with that email address.

Want a prospect to receive the same email template twice across multiple drip programs?

A Pardot administrator can enable your account to allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect from multiple drip programs by clicking their email address in the top right of the application > Click "Settings" > "Edit Account" > Check the box for "Drip Programs: Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect" > Save account settings. Regardless of if the prospect already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder or automation rule, the prospect will receive the email again. Likewise, this setting can be disabled if you only want an email template to be sent once to the prospect via drip programs, autoresponders or automation rules.

If a drip is set to only send during business hours, how do the pauses work?

If you have enabled the option to "Only send emails during business hours (10am-4pm M-F)", pause periods will still include weekends, but emails will not be sent outside of business hours. Your pauses are based off of the last email sent. For example, imagine your drip program looked like this:

  • Send Email 1.
  • Pause 3 days.
  • Send Email 2.
  • Pause 4 days.
  • Send Email 3.

If Email 1 was sent on Wednesday, the 3-day pause between Email 1 and Email 2 would be complete on a Saturday. With Only send emails during business hours enabled, Email 2 would send on Monday. After the 4-day pause, Email 3 would send on Friday, because the pause is based off of the last email sent.

When can I see how many prospects have completed a certain step in a drip?

Prospects within each phase of the drip program will only populate once the phase is complete. There is not an option to see prospects "processing" through the phase.

What happens if I edit a bounced email address to the correct email address?

If a prospect email has bounced or you are editing their email address within their record and they are on a drip program, re-send the email that bounced to the prospect with their newly updated email address. The drip program will not go back and send the email in the drip once the email address has been updated. To do this, you can click the email address within the prospect record and then select the email template that you would like to re-send to them. Each prospect is associated with a prospect ID so even if their email has been changed in their record, this does not consider them a "new prospect".


  • If using the "check for click" action, you cannot leave a "yes" branch empty. If you want to end the program after a link click, simply insert a one (1) day "pause" action on the yes branch, which will cause your campaign to end in one (1) day while still meeting all system requirements.
  • Standard Edition accounts are limited to 50 drip programs running at any one time. Pro and Ultimate Edition accounts have unlimited drip programs available.
  • When using the 'jump to step' action, you cannot jump directly to a step that branches. When we check for a click or for an open, we wouldn't know which branch to go down.
  • The 'jump to step' action must come at the end of a branch. Otherwise, any actions below it will never be reached.
  • Note that if another user is editing the same drip program at the same time, you will receive a warning message.  If either user saves without incorporating the other’s changes, you may lose your work.  In this case, one user should click “cancel” and let the other finish editing.
    Multiple Users editing a Drip Program
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