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In order for Pardot to send and receive data to and from Salesforce, Pardot must access the Salesforce API (application programming interface). This access of data is an API call.

Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce connector uses the OAuth protocol and there is no impact on your Salesforce API limits when prospect records sync between Pardot and Salesforce.

Note on Reporting: The API Calls Made Within Last 7 Days report in Salesforce will still show API calls made by the connector. However, these API calls will not be included in the API Usage box of your System Overview in Salesforce — this shows API calls that count toward your Salesforce API limit.

What triggers an API call?

API calls are made every time Pardot needs to send or receive data from Salesforce. The following actions cause API calls:

  • Any update to a prospect record (user assignment, field updates)
  • Prospect activities (Form and form handler submissions, landing page submissions, unsubscribing from emails)
  • Prospect creation (manual creation, imports, creation in CRM (if option to automatically create in Pardot is turned on)
  • Clicking Sync with CRM
  • System actions (automation rules, completion actions, scoring changes, adding to Salesforce campaign, Salesforce campaign status changes)
  • CRM actions (Updates and creations for contacts/leads/accounts/opportunities/campaigns/campaign members)
  • Sending emails (if email logging is turned on at the Salesforce connector)
  • Syncing of metadata (data that describes your objects, for example your contact fields) to Pardot
  • Task creation
  • Connector verification

Batch Syncs vs Single Syncs

If there is more than 1 record that needs to be synced, Pardot will sync in batches for efficiency's sake. The syncing of a batch will use the same number of API calls that a single record would use. For example, if there is 1 prospect to sync, 5-20 API calls are used. Similarly, if there are 600 prospects to sync, Pardot will batch them in groups of 200 and will only use 5-20 API calls total per batch.

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