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Email Troubleshooting and FAQ

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Can a prospect receive the same email twice?

Good question! The answer is a bit more complicated than 'yes' or 'no,' but never fear! We have a resource detailing exactly when a prospect can and cannot receive an email more than once.

I need to stop my email from sending. Help!

Everybody makes mistakes, and sometime you may even find yourself in a situation where you need to stop an email mid-send. Find out exactly how to put the brakes on your email.

I saved my email but my changes didn't stick. What happened?

This usually happens when someone else was working on your email at the same time as you (you may notice a yellow warning at the top of your screen when editing your email). Read more on the caveats of multiple users simultaneously editing an email here.

Why aren't my variable tags working?

Variable tags won't populate in a test email, so use this method to test your variable tags. Still coming up blank in a live send? Be sure to define a default mail merge value in the event of a null field value.

How do I know whose name or signature will populate when using variable user tags?

The way a variable user tag displays in an email is dependent on a few factors. Find out how variable user tags populate in each unique scenario.

Can I send emails from more than one domain?

Absolutely! As long as the proper authentication is complete, you can definitely send emails from multiple domains.

My email looks great in Pardot, but when I send a test email the formatting is messed up. Why?

You've stumbled across one of the universal woes of modern-day email marketers. Designing an email to render consistently across multiple email clients is no easy feat! This is due to the different rendering engines employed by various email clients.

Can I include forms in my emails?

We don't recommend this. Many email clients consider emails with forms as nonsecure, and will strip the form out of the email which can cause the message to render poorly for the prospect. Check out Can I include forms in my email? for more help.

Why am I receiving Delivery Status Notifications?

These notifications are messages explaining that an email bounced (or failed to reach its intended recipient). Find out more about what exactly Delivery Status Notifications mean and what you should do with them.

Where do my email replies go?

Your email replies will go to whoever is specified on the 'sender' step of the email wizard. If you check and specify a "Reply To" email address that is different than the original sender address, Pardot's system will request that replies to the email (including out of office notifications) be sent to the designated Reply To address. However, it is up to the receiving email client and server to respect that request, and it may not always be honored.

If you are not using a Reply To email address, the Sender of the email (specific user, general email address, or assigned user) will receive the replies. If 'make the 'from' address the prospect's assigned user, if available,' is selected, replies from assigned prospects will go to their assigned users.Sender of Email

What types of emails count toward my email limit?

All emails count toward a client's monthly email limit except the following: system emails, test emails, and plug-in emails (Outlook, etc).

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