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Using Preformatted Email Templates

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2016 | Print this Article

Preformatted layouts allow you to create sleek, versatile email email templates without designing from scratch. Pardot now includes 3 pages of preformatted email templates ideal for monthly newsletters, mobile messages, and traditional one-to-one emails. For a preformatted template dimension reference, click here.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails > New Email Template.
  2. Enter a Name, select a Campaign, and select a Folder.
  3. Optional: add Tags to the template.
  4. Set the Email Type to HTML and Text.
  5. Next to Template, mark Start from a layout.
  6. Select a layout and click Apply.
  7. Find and update or delete any links in the email template. For example, edit 'follow on Twitter' or 'friend on Facebook' and replace the # with your company's social media URL.
  8. Customize your styling. Click on the style button in the Email Editor to change Text Color, Link Color, Link Underline, Font, Font-Size, or Line Height for any block of text content.
  9. Customize your content. Double click on any placeholder images and use the Insert/edit image tool to upload an image with the same width and height specifications as the placeholder. Delete the preformatted template's default text and replace it with your own content.
  10. Create a text version.
  11. Create a sender, test, and confirm & save your email template.


  • Pardot's preformatted templates are designed to be compatible with most email clients, including Outlook.
  • If you customize or edit the size of any table cell in a preformatted template, you will need to edit all table height and width specifications accordingly.
  • If the email template includes a link to a variable tag, e.g. %%account_address%%, you can leave the link as is — Pardot will populate the link when you send your email
  • When setting font styling, you can achieve doublespacing by setting your line height to twice the size of your selected font

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