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Common Troubleshooting Questions

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This page links to all of our most popular Troubleshooting articles. If you're having trouble logging in, see Why can't I log in? If you need help contacting support, see How can I reach Pardot Support?

Automation Rules

Automation Rule FAQs and Troubleshooting
Why isn’t my automation rule taking action when someone completes a form/landing page?

CRM and Connectors

Salesforce Connector Troubleshooting
When are leads synced with the CRM?
Why are there so many prospects in my CRM sync queue?
Why does my CRM report not match my Pardot report?
Why is the "Pardot URL" in my CRM linking to the wrong prospect in Pardot?
Why won't my connector verify?
Why won’t my field sync?

Emails and Lists

Email Troubleshooting and FAQ
How do I stop an email from being sent?
When I delete a list, are the prospects on that list also deleted?
Why did a test email to myself result in a hard bounce?
Why do I receive Delivery Status Notifications?


Form Troubleshooting and FAQs
Why is a form pre-populated with someone else's information?
Why Is my form missing fields?
Why is my prospect missing information from required fields even though they completed the form?
Why should I use Pardot to manage my forms?

Other Troubleshooting Topics

Why isn’t the number of prospects I imported as high as I expected?
Why do my traffic statistics in Pardot differ from my web analytics application?
Why does my prospect have 0 page views?

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